How to set up the perfect home office

Working from home can be very rewarding.  Whether you have decided to start a whole new business from home or you have moved to remote working for your employer, there can be loads of benefits but there are some challenges as well.

You have probably already found that it can be hard to manage home life with work life when you are physically always at home. And although you may be tempted in the beginning to work from your bed or the comfort of the sofa, this does not get you into the right professional mindset and you won’t last long under this casual regime. 

The only way to work from home successfully is to create a home office space. That way you can focus on your work, rather than be distracted by things going on in your household.  Likewise when your work is over, you won’t be tempted to carry on working when you should be taking a break.

So what type of home office do I need?

If your work is internet or phone based, a spare room or guest room can double as a great home office and you don’t need much in the way of office space or equipment to get you started. 

You may need to invest in a set of drawers if your business requires that you need to check through physical documents.

Power points are important – you are going to have to charge your laptop, your mobile or plug in your printer so if you don’t have convenient sockets, an extension lead can help.

You may need some extra lighting too and if you are going to be video conferencing, you do need to have a presentable or at least a neutral backdrop where you can take work calls.

All these aspects are important but of course the most important pieces of office furniture are your chair and your desk. This is, after all, where you will be spending your working day so if you don’t get this right, you could be risking your health. 

Your desk and your chair are important because your computer needs to be set at the correct height. If you find that you are adopting a hunched position over your laptop, it will lead to debilitating neck and back strain, yet with your homeworking set up you are unlikely to have the perfect work desk and chair already in place.

A laptop stand is a cost effective way of creating the perfect office space.

The answer is to invest in a laptop stand. This is a quick, easy and cost effective way to ensure that your laptop is always in the correct ergonomic position without having to buy a new table or a new chair to achieve the perfect seating position.


A laptop stand enables you to feel comfortable in your home office instantly and should be one of the first pieces of equipment for you to buy for your home office setup.

There are lots of laptop stands on the market so it is worth shopping around until you find the one that best suits your needs. After all you are going to be spending a lot of time at your desk so if your laptop is in a position where you are always looking down at the screen, it will have a negative impact on your posture and on your productivity as well.

The single Laptop Stand from us at Posture King is a fantastic addition to any home office set up. It is fully adjustable to 6 height settings and can raise your laptop screen by 14.5 cm. And because the good quality metal construction enables air to circulate to the back of the computer, it prevents overheating too.

In addition, when you need to take video conferencing calls, it positions the camera higher so you get a much more flattering camera angle.

A laptop stand is adaptable.

Even if you later decide to buy an office chair or a designated work desk, a laptop stand takes the stress out of finding the perfect office equipment.  This is because a good quality laptop stand is adaptable and can be set to your perfect working position, regardless of your office furniture.

Creating a home office where you can receive clients or customers

Although we have focused on home office set ups that enable you to carry on doing your job from home, if you are setting up a home business or company where you may need to receive clients, you have additional factors to consider.

Obviously you can’t invite clients to your office if it is set in the spare room complete with bedroom furniture. But many small businesses operate successfully from garden sheds or a spare reception room or annex and as long as the setting looks professional and focused, it is perfectly suitable for receiving clients.

The décor should match the professional image you wish to convey and you will need to consider practicalities such as seating for clients, coffee making facilities and access to a washroom/ toilet.

Your décor and office equipment says a lot about the professionalism of your company so it is important to choose wisely. And a good quality laptop stand that looks good on your desk as well as helps you to work in comfort is an inexpensive way of creating a good impression.

By contrast, imagine visiting a professional office where the laptop is propped up on books or supported by a plastic cheap looking stand? Or if your so called professional has to hunch over a screen in order to check your details? It doesn’t look very professional and although you might think that nobody notices these sorts of details they are important in creating an overall good impression.