VISION Monitor Desk Arm | Dual White


Free up valuable desk space while
promoting good posture

    • Easy to install Monitor Arm

  • 30yr Warranty

  • Increase your productivity with dual monitors
  • Auto rotate to portrait or landscape mode

  • No more strained necks or hunched shoulders! 

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  • Work Efficiency: Adding a 2nd or 3rd monitor to your setup will drastically increase your efficiency. No more flicking backwards and forwards between your main tabs. 
  • Reduced Neck Pain:  The monitor mounts allow your screen to be raised to the correct eye level.
  • Enhanced Focus:  Using 2 or 3 screens increases your field of vision and speeds up repetitive tasks
  • Improved Posture:  Sitting at the wrong angle for hours on end can ultimately mean your physiology is adversely affected. The addition of a monitor arm allows you to Work In Comfort.


The Vision Flat-Panel monitor arm - Desk range is tough and flexible. The dual desk arms accommodate two flat-panel LCD or LED screens which have 100 x 100 mm rear VESA mounting holes, suitable for almost all computer monitors.

  • Double-articulated desk mount for two monitors up to 32'' and max 9kg
  • To fit Vesa mounts: 75x75 or 100x100mm
  • Quick clamp or grommet
  • Rotate display to portrait or landscape
  • Gas Strut
  • Cable management and adjustable dampers
  • Aluminium and matt white powder coated



• Thumbscrews are used to fix the display to help speed up the installation of this mount.

Quick Release

• The VESA plates attach to the rear of the displays then clip into position on the arm,making assembly fast and easy.

• Fits screens that ranges from 10"to 34". If a larger displays have the correct mounting points and weighs less than the SWL this mount can support it safely.

Adjustable Dampers

• To allow for different loads the dampers can be tightened or loosened to make sure the display stays where it is when you let go of it.

Cable Management

• Clip on covers allow tidy cable routing.

Clamp or Grommet

• The VFM-DAD can be clamped or a fixing adaptor is included to bolt it to the table (requires drilling hole in table).

Quick Clamp

• The clamp has a quick-release to adjust quickly for varying table thicknesses as thin as 14 mm (0.44").

Rotate to Portrait-Style

• Almost endless tilt, rotation, swivel and height adjustment puts the display right where you need it.

Move independently

• Move each display up and down independently to get the right ergonomic setup.

Maximum Span

• The centers of the displays can be up to 1200 mm (47.2") apart. The maximum height from the desk top to the center of the screens is 510 mm (20.1").


Product Description Vision VFM-DAD3 - mounting kit (adjustable arm)

Product Type Mounting kit (adjustable arm) - desk-mountable

Adjustments Height, tilt, swivel, rotation

Weight 5.8 kg

Recommended Use 2 LCD displays

Recommended Display Size 10"-34"

VESA Mounting Interface 100 x 100 mm,75 x 75 mm

Max Load Weight 18 kg

Material Aircraft-grade aluminium

Colour White

Package Content 8 x M4x12 screws,8 x M5x12 screws,dampers,3 x M6x12 screws

Manufacturer Warranty Limited lifetime warranty


Weight 5.8 kg

Material Aircraft-grade aluminium

Colour White

Package Content 8 x M4x12 screws,8 x M5x12 screws,dampers,3 x M6x12 screws

AV Furniture

Type Mounting kit

Design Adjustable arm

Recommended Use 2 LCD displays

Placing / Mounting Desk-mountable

VESA Mounting Interface 100 x 100 mm,75 x 75 mm

Cable Management Internal cable management

Recommended Display Size 10"-34"

Adjustments Height, tilt, swivel, rotation

Max Load Weight 18 kg


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The VISION dual monitor arm comes with a 30yr warranty. 

We also have a 14 day returns policy for items that are still boxed and unused. There is a 15% restocking fee. 

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