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Our story

Welcome to Posture King and thanks for shopping with us.

We believe that creating ergonomic work and living environments with products specifically designed to assist in maintaining good posture can make living and moving around the home far more comfortable.

Being a fit and healthy 40 year old man, good posture was not something I often considered, until a near fatal accident in the summer of 2016, while paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa. After the accident several doctors advised walking may never be possible again. My long journey of recovery began in May 2016 – moving from being bed ridden, to a wheelchair and then after 3 months of physio to assisted walking. Finally, 4 years later, I am fighting fit again.

During this difficult journey many tasks became difficult and I looked for ease and comfort in every process. That desire to make everyday tasks and activities easier or more comfortable was the driving force for sharing some of the products that helped me in my recovery. I continue to use them today to help reduce stress and strain on the spine and neck.

Good posture is for everyone not just those who have suffered injuries. I started this store to share some of the amazing products I have used over the last few years. Our store is for anyone interested in maintaining good posture while working and being around the home.

We work with global manufacturers and ship worldwide. I hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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Our ethos

Posture King was created to share product innovation for anyone interested in making life more comfortable.

We showcase the highest quality items from select global manufactures. Whilst we don’t class ourselves as a ‘luxury’ brand - you will only find high quality items at fair prices - which have been personally tested and approved.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do.

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Quality is our business
Bringing quality products to market is our core business- the products are designed to last and be used everyday.
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Meet our people

Richard Fox

Richard handles logistics and fulfilment - he is always on hand for any related questions or advice. He lives in London with his wife, daughter and basset hound

James Black

James heads up everything thing tech related. A digital nomad by nature and currently under lock down in South Africa!

Work in comfort

Enjoy the feeling of working in comfort, that’s the feeling we want to capture when we design our products.
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